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Spring Products!!!

(These products can only be purchased in-store or over the phone.)

Vegetable Plants: Tomato, Pepper, Cold Crops, Herbs, and Perennial Flowers. 

Seed Potatoes: Red Pontiac, Kennebec, Yukon.

Onions: Red, White, and Yellow


Bulk Vegetable Seeds and Seed Packets

Seed Starter Kits, Tomato Cages, and Tomato Stakes

Soil: Fox Farm Oceon Forest, Fox Farm Light Warrier, Mr Garden, and Promix

Mulch: Pine Bark and Shredded Pine

Worm Castings and Mushroom Compost

Grass Seed: Kentucky 31, Sun and Shade Mix, Landscaper's Mix, Contractor Mix, Sentinel 3 Way Fescue, and Annual Ryegrass ( others can be ordered)

Straw, Pots, and Fertilizer

Bird Baths, Bird Feeders and Bird Houses

Pond Plants will be coming the week of April 12